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 Shadows disappear at midnight 

shadowA short trailer from the live performance at Moscow Biennale 2015 in the art-residence "Guslitsa".                

Kamilla Lubart - Choreography, art; Anna Elyutina - multimedia programming, guitar.

Shadow theater, live projection processing using Max/Msp.



 The well tempered theremin and guitar


Live performance at Moscow Biennale 2015 in art - residence "Guslitsa". Anna Elyutina - guitar, Max/MSP programming; Kamilla Lubart- theremin, choreography.

A "motion to sound" improvisational music peace, where theremin was live processed in Max/Msp, so that the dancer's movements can create music in real time.



 OddDance Group Butoh Theatre


OddDance Group Butoh Theatre with PsyJazz Project and Yury Balashov live @ Bilingua Club, Moscow

Anna Elyutina- guitar; German Olshuk - keyboards; Yuri Balashov -"suhozvuk". 






 Moments of journey

     02. AmazinGrace
     03. Shapranya
     04. Raga Reggae
     05. Leto
     06. 21St Century
     07. Remix 
     08. Downtime

 Creepy Twins 

         01. Violent Manifestations
         02. No PussyShooting 
         03. Audiogenic Symphony
         04. La Missa Sedativa (Outro)
         05. Metametrics 
         06. La Missa Sedativa 
         07. La Missa Sedativa 2
         08. Ambiant

Live in NYC, 2007


A live performance at Warper Party, NYC-2007


Watch it

Live in New York, 2008


Ms.Psyjazz live at Botanika Bar, New York, NY 2008


Watch it

Live in Brooklyn, NY 2008


Ms.Psyjazz live at The Supreme Trading , Brooklyn, NY 2008


Watch it

Live in Brooklyn, 2008


Ms.Psyjazz live at Warper Party, Brooklyn, NY 2008

Watch it

Live show in NYC, 2007


Ms.Psyjazz live at The Delancey.

New York NY 2007 

Watch it

Live in Boston, 2004


Ms.Psyjazz and her band "Mookomor" live at O'Brians, Boston-2004

together with the genious: VJ's VJ ADD & VJ Zebbler 

Watch it

 Anuta Was here 

         01. Lunar Isis
         02. Last minute
         03. Laser boy
         04. Blue skeleton 
         05. Lightmare
         06. In a phrygian mood 
         07. Gone by the woodbine
         08. Mishka's Magic
         09. Wayne
        Original Jazz-Fusion album composed by Anya (Anuta) Elioutina and recorded with "George Leesiw Band" in New Haven, CT, 2003 

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