Multimedia and theater performances

 Shadows disappear at midnight 

shadowA short trailer from the live performance at Moscow Biennale 2015 in the art-residence "Guslitsa".                

Kamilla Lubart - Choreography, art; Anna Elyutina - multimedia programming, guitar.

Shadow theater, live projection processing using Max/Msp.



 The well tempered theremin and guitar


Live performance at Moscow Biennale 2015 in art - residence "Guslitsa". Anna Elyutina - guitar, Max/MSP programming; Kamilla Lubart- theremin, choreography.

A "motion to sound" improvisational music peace, where theremin was live processed in Max/Msp, so that the dancer's movements can create music in real time.



 OddDance Group Butoh Theatre


OddDance Group Butoh Theatre with PsyJazz Project and Yury Balashov live @ Bilingua Club, Moscow

Anna Elyutina- guitar; German Olshuk - keyboards; Yuri Balashov -"suhozvuk". 






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