Anya Elioutina (a.k.a. Ms. Psyjazz), a composer and electric guitarist, shares her passion of guitar with her love of machines and digits. Having her background in Rock, Blues and Jazz-Fusion, she is also an electronic experimentator who has fallen in love with computer music. Growing up in Moscow, living and studying in Boston and New York and now being back in Russia, she's been writing and performing improvised Electro-Acoustic music for many years.

Both as solo artist and with her bands, she has performed live internationally and had toured many states in USA and Russia. New York, Boston, New Haven, Firefly Festival in New Hampshire, Phish Festival in Limestone, Maine, Starwood Festival in New York and numerous shows in Moscow, Russia.

She has released three CD albums including the jazz-fusion album "Anuta was here", music from which was broadcasted live by Fox News TV "Good Day Live"(2002). Her work was also released on a City Unversity of New York Electro-Acoustic Music Festival Compilation CD, (2005). As composer she was commissioned by several New York theater and film productions including production of a trance opera  "Orpheus Electronica" by  ML Music, Los Angeles, CA, and Philip McKinley-Theatrical Producer/Stage director, New York, NY,(2003).

Besides her internship work as an assistant producer at major recording studio in New York, Ms. Psyjazz was also hosting a live radio show at WBCR in Brooklyn, NY, featuring  local experimental electronic music. Having a broad musical experience,  her current artistic explorations are in performing interactive electronic music and supporting other artists of this genre in order to develop a united electronic music community in Russia and worldwide.




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